My name is Alex.  That’s my face.  This blog is essentially just a big pile of things that I like looking at and think are worth passing on.

I’m 22, in my 5th year of a B.A in Communications.  I live in Ottawa.  I like geek shit, video games, literature, comics, music, art, movies, and lots of other stuff.  I am an unapologetic shrieking feminist harpy.

Key fandoms include Mass Effect, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. Favorite music is too much to get into but spans from punk rock and pop to heavy metal.  Favorite comics include Sex Criminals, Hawkeye, and Locke and Key; favorite authors include Stephen King, Guy Gavriel Kay, Joe Hill, Philip K. Dick, many many more.

The URL Protoplasmic Kisses refers to a quote in my 1st-year psychology textbook by a Spanish anatomist named Santiago Ramon y Cajal.  ”Protoplasmic Kisses” was what he called the synaptic gap between the axon terminal of one neuron and and the dendrite of the next - the near-union of neurons that allows for chemical communication between the cells, and thus the functions of our bodies and minds.
It is also a good name for a pop group.  And this blog.